Make a Payment

For Dr. Dunbar:

Pre-paid appointments are only necessary for initial, first-time appointments (though the service is available for follow-up appointments as well).  Pre-paid appointments for initial visits can be done online via the button below or you may appear in person during our regular business hours to make a pre-payment in person.  Pre-payments are required to secure your initial appointment time and must be made 48 hours in advance of your first appointment.  Our online store is through PayPal and by using the online store, you are consenting to that company's policies for information processing and storage and sharing of information and recognize that this information exchange is limited by that company's security and policies and is not within the liability or control of KCPCS or Dr. Dunbar.

To pay for a First Visit; $250.00 click below, (50-60 minutes):


To Pay for a Follow-up Visit; $225.00 click below, (40-45 minutes):