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Online therapy & board reporting

Related to social distancing needs and the needs of some of our patients, we are pleased to be ready to offer you online therapeutic services at this time in specific circumstances discussed with the practitioner and patient. Everyone in our practice consents to these as part of our consent process and in our notice of privacy practices. These electronic mediums of service assume some risks related to confidentiality for our patients. We are happy to address questions about these that we can answer with you. These methods while offering great convenience, change the security of the information exchanged. If you become uncomfortable with these risks at any point in time, you may withdraw consent for online services, and we can discuss your concerns and therapeutic options.

Dr. Dunbar’s Texas Psychology License is with the Texas Board of Examiner’s of Psychologists

Call our office should you need her license number at any point or any copy of your paperwork  

www.TSBEP.gov holds information regarding proof of licensure, license numbers, and how to file a board complaint among other potentially useful pieces of information for patients. This information is required to be on this website while online services are offered as patients cannot see formal notices with this data posted in the office when they are not having in office appointments.  In compliance with board requirements, we will also post a photo related to this paragraph below: